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Great Harvest Bakery and Café-Oconomowoc, WI

Oconomowoc, WI seems to always have the best coffee shops.  We just keep going back there to try more places!

My family and I went to a fall festival last weekend with my parents and there was a tent set up for the Great Harvest Bakery and Café.  They were giving out free samples of a variety of their homemade bread.  Who doesn’t love free samples!? We definitely do!

Because it was a fall festival, they were also including free samples of their pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  We all tried one and they were absolutely delicious!  Usually when I try breads from a bakery/cafe, they aren’t very moist or rich in flavor.  These were!  So I knew I had to get back that cafe and try more breads as well as their coffee.  My four year old also wanted to try their apple crisp.  She received a large slice and nearly ate the entire piece.  I guess it was good; I wouldn’t know!

The next Friday when I had off, I took the kids to Great Harvest so we could try their homemade products (poor decision-making on my part).  I couldn’t stay too long as my kids were too excited, to put it mildly.

I really liked the decor and the lighting on the inside as they were very unique and modern.  Also, on the entire side of the wall when you walk in, they sell a range of products, such as homemade salsa, salad dressing, granola, jam, etc.  I knew they made their own bread and other desserts, but I was pleasantly surprised to see all of their other products.  I love supporting small and local businesses, so I will definitely go back and purchase some jam and salsa!

Of course, KC had to have the apple crisp again.

For my coffee, I have always wanted to try a cup of coffee with some honey and cream in it; it just sounds sugary and tasty! So, I ordered their Café Miel, which is made with milk and honey.  To try and stay consistent with my healthiness, I ordered it made with almond milk.  I thought the coffee tasted pretty good, but I am convinced that just I don’t like almond milk in coffee, except in coffee smoothies.  I can’t wait to go back and try one of their other coffee drinks!

The pumpkin chocolate chip bread was super moist and full of pumpkin flavor.  It wasn’t an overwhelming pumpkin or chocolate chip flavor either; it had the perfect balance of pumpkin and then sugar (choc. chips).  My husband doesn’t really like pumpkin desserts, but he nearly ate the entire loaf when he came home- it is THAT good!

One of my obsessions and habits is that I prefer to only drink coffee when I have some sort of pastry (or nuts) with it.  I will take a bite of the pastry and then a sip of my coffee. So, this place fulfills that habit!

If you love homemade breads and a good cup of Joe, you need to try Great Harvest Bakery and Café in Oconomowoc, WI.  I am making a trip back there this weekend to get some more pumpkin bread and I will also be trying their apple bread as well.  What else would you get in the fall!? And not to mention, this is such a cute, cozy place to relax, eat, and chit chat!




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