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“Hollywood Unveiled”-A New Lifetime Movie Coming Soon

Get ready for a new Lifetime movie coming soon, all on how twisted, fake, and crime-filled Hollywood really is.

I have to say, whenever I hear the word “Hollywood”, I think of an incredible amount of fake people who are completely detached from the real world.  The recent news trends regarding sexual harassment claims among Hollywood’s most popular actors seem to only reaffirm my thoughts.

“Rebel Wilson accuses male star of sexual harassment”

“Danny Masterson accused of multiple rapes


Whenever I scroll past a heading such as these, many thoughts run through my head.  Are they telling the truth? If so, what took so long? If not, why?

If these women are telling the truth, were they bribed, threatened, or both, to remain silent on the issue? Or were they too scared for some other reason?

Can anything be done to the person being accused? Does 30 years past a sexual harassment claim have any merit? Should we still investigate and prosecute the possible crimes?

There are so many questions with no clear answers, and many questions that elicit different opinions.

To get to my main point and to my RANT:  I feel as if these accusations have shed a new light on Hollywood.  I am relatively certain most people, when they think of Hollywood, think of “fake” or “detached” as I do.

However, I believe these recent accusations have, at least in my mind, illuminated a new, twisted version of Hollywood:  its very own community of people who lack morals, ethics, human decency, kind hearts, empathy/sympathy, etc.

It is as if Hollywood has became its own world, its own soap opera, or even its own TV show.  Honestly, after hearing about of all these accusations, I immediately felt that Hollywood could have its very own Lifetime movie, hell, even a 3 part movie series.

Lifetime airs trashy shows that are addicting to watch, and well, Hollywood is currently trash and contains trashy people with no morals.

Who can we trust to be a good person anymore? Which celebrity has actually retained good, human qualities?

Danny Masterson is one of the latest actors being accused of multiple rapes against women.  I loved him! Now I hear he may be a monster? Kevin Spacey?  I loved him too.  In fact, I really liked most of the actors being accused of sexual harassment, but now I feel like, are there any left? Is there any good left in Hollywood?

Who, when I watch on TV, can I actually think is a good person? All of these actors have betrayed me and many others, of course, including those they harassed.  I feel like there is no one.  I feel like Hollywood has lost all credibility; it has become that one friend or bf/gf who has completely betrayed me in every imaginable way.

These rape and sexual harassment claims also bring to light the idea that money makes people greedy, selfish, controlling, manipulative, powerful-you name it, as long as its negative.

Is money really so important and such an incredible incentive to take away human decency? Can money really have the power to turn people into criminals? And even worse-can money REALLY make people think it is okay that these men commit these crimes, simply because they have a lot of money? How pathetic.

“Hi actor, because you have a lot of money, you are now allowed to do anything that would normally be considered a crime, and we will just turn our heads.  Have fun!”

How did we get to a point where decent people have transformed into sick, twisted individuals who believe you can turn your head because this person is “powerful” due to having large amounts of money?

To me, it is ridiculously pathetic.  So, they are not powerful.  They are, in fact, losers.

They are losers because their disgusting personalities make them lose out on the best of life-the ability to be a good person and to be SEEN as a good person, the ability to form true, authentic relationships with others, the ability to be role-models to children, the ability to truly help those in need and mean it, and the opportunities to have people look at them and think, “What an amazing, kind, giving,good-hearted person!”

Sure, there are loathes of people who lack morals and who are also not nearly as wealthy.  But these celebrities have something none of these people have:  the opportunities to truly affect others’ lives, and the opportunities to showcase their talents in the most genuine, meaningful, and impactful ways.

Their talents are not being used properly, and are now being completely wasted and overlooked because, hey, sex feels good, right?

This brings me to another point-why the hell do these actors feel the need to rape or sexually harass women? They are rich and famous! They can easily form relationships with women, and then have amazing, consensual sex at no moral or financial cost!

But, that’s too much work, right? And well, if you are rich and have lots of money, you shouldn’t really have to “work” to earn anything.  Is this the Hollywood mentality? I think so, for sure. 100%.

I am sorry Hollywood, but you are not special.  You don’t deserve to think you are better than anyone else.  You don’t deserve to commit crimes against others.  And when you do commit crimes against others, which you seem to  do quite frequently, you deserve to go to jail, not to some beautiful “treatment center” where you talk about “how what you did was wrong and how to cure it”, because you committed a fucking crime.

I hope to God ALL of these actors who are being accused of rape and sexual harassment, AS WELL AS their accomplices who chose to also be heartless assholes and not DO something about these crimes, lose everything they have-their money, their reputation, their friends, their fans, and, more importantly, I sure hope they go to prison where they belong (after an investigation proves them guilty of course).

Hollywood needs a complete do over.  It needs people who are, oh I don’t know, good people. Wouldn’t you agree?

Rant over.





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