Hello! I am a mom to two beautiful girls, one who is a princess while the other may become a future criminal.  She is only one, but I can already see the signs.  In general, I love to laugh and I am rarely a serious person.  Life is too short, you know? There are many times when I am angry or sad, but I always try to find the humor in any situation-and there usually is.  I created this site for a few reasons:  I absolutely love a good cup of coffee; I love talking about different coffee drinks and unique coffee shops, and I thoroughly enjoy the conversations I have over coffee.

Some of these conversations are serious, while most are definitely not.

Coffee is my passion; one of most favorite things to do on my free days is to drive to either my favorite coffee shops or to set out on an adventure to find a new favorite café.  My absolute dream is to open up a café with my twin sister, but we have zero business sense, nor the income to do so.  Therefore, why not write about my favorite coffee shops, drinks, and products?

Whenever I sit down at a café, it is usually with my sister.  While there, we chit chat about all sorts of issues.  These can range from working out, eating healthy, interesting news stories, horrible news stories, God, relationships, college, being a mom, being a nurse (she’s a nurse), etc.  One thing that happens every time we talk-we laugh.  It is just far too difficult for me to be serious.

I love to talk about all sorts of issues that arise each and every day, whether they are in the news or in our lives.  Currently, eating healthy, working out, and being the best mom I can be are at the forefront of my discussions with family and friends.  These will be incorporated into the site, but so will other interesting topics that most people can relate to.  Since I see the humor in everything, you will this trait embedded in my posts.

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