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The Four Kinds of People at Starbucks

There are the “people” of Wal-Mart and the “people” of the fair, both of which seem to discriminate certain types of people.  I do have to admit though, sometimes the pictures/memes make me laugh.  They have a point in some cases!

In my opinion, there are definitely the “people” of Starbucks.  Every time I go to Starbucks, it is either for a quick cup of coffee that is completely against my diet, or it is to sit and “get some work done”, aka “people-watch”.

Either way, I have noticed that Starbucks attracts four different types of people-none are bad or better than the others, they are just-the “people” of Starbucks.  I do not judge them when I see them; I merely sit back and think, “Yep, he just ordered a Caramel Macchiato”, or “I bet she is ordering an Iced Chai or some sort of tea”.  I am usually correct on my guesses!

So, without further adieu-here are my four kinds of people at Starbucks:

1.The “I work for a company and am very important”:

I can’t be the only one who notices that many people who order coffee at Starbucks look to be either really important or very wealthy.  They look like regulars; they know exactly what they want when they get there.  They are not like me and go “Hmmm…what should I get today? Do I want an iced coffee or something warm? Do I want lots of sugar or more coffee?” No, they always know what they want because they are regulars.  They can afford to be a regular at Starbucks! I sure as hell can’t.  Every time I go there it’s a treat because it is usually once a month, if that.

Other than the fact that they know what they want, they are rather easy to spot.  They walk in either on their cellphone or with a Bluetooth piece in their ear.  They walk somewhat fast-paced and they are dressed like they work for an important corporation.  It the person is a man, he is wearing an all black suit with a nice tie.  His hair looks slicked back and his shoes are shiny.  If the person is a woman, her hair is usually up in a neat bun, and she is usually either wearing an all black suit as well or she is wearing a black skirt with a black coat and maybe a white undershirt.  Her heels also look shiny.

As stated before, they know what they want.  They order quickly, get their coffee, and leave just as quickly.  They have places to go; they’re important, ya know?  Also, I always check to see what they ordered or I eavesdrop since I am right beside them.  They usually order a Macchiato or a drink with two shots of espresso.

2.The “Nurse”:

It never fails that when I go to a Starbucks, I always see several men and women (mostly women) dressed in a nursing uniform.  They have busy and demanding jobs, which I am sure require a cup of coffee to get them through their busy days.

I used to be a Certified Nursing Assistant, and one of our needs was a cup of coffee at the beginning of the shift and during our breaks throughout the day or night.  So I am sure these nurses are either on their way to work or needed a delicious cup of coffee to end their stressful work day.

3.The “Mom who just crawled out of bed and needs something to get her prepared for chaos”

I have certainly been there before.  My kids woke me up early; I had a horrible night’s sleep, so as soon as I crawl out of bed I tell my kids, “Guys, mommy needs some good coffee, STAT! Get dressed, we are going to Starbucks!” The reason I go there as opposed to my favorite coffee shop in town is because a horrible night’s sleep and an upcoming long day require a special treat and Starbucks is that special treat for me because they have drinks you just cannot get anywhere else.

Then I get there, and I see other moms who appear just as frazzled as I am-hair thrown up or is down but messy, little to no make-up, dressed in a t-shirt, sweats or yoga pants and sneakers or slippers (I’ve definitely sported the mom slippers before).  We just want to make it through the day!  We usually order one of Starbucks featured/limited drinks, such as the new Iced Cascara Coconutmilk Latte (yum!!).

4.The “Exerciser”

People who workout must need a refreshing drink after their workout session, so they wander to Starbucks.  They come in wearing exercise gear-tank tops, headbands, earbuds/IPOD holders on their arms (no idea what they’re called haha), expensive looking running shoes, shorts, yoga pants, or jogging pants.  You can tell they just had a great workout! Since they care about sugar and calories, they always order a tea, a smoothie, or one of those colorful refresher drinks.

Whenever you go to a Starbucks next, keep an eye out for these people! And be friendly and say “Hi!” =)

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