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Why Farrah Abraham May Become The Most Successful Teen Mom

I almost feel ashamed to divulge the fact that I love the Teen Mom shows.  I cannot help it; they sucked me right in ever since 16 and Pregnant!  Many people do not like the shows as they give the teen moms too much money and too much of a “reward for getting pregnant at such a young age” lifestyle.

When I watch the show, I cannot help but think, “Thank God I did it the right way and protected myself, so that I don’t have to deal with any of what these moms and their kids are dealing with!”

I really do believe that the show helps prevent teen pregnancy because their lives just do not look easy at all, although MTV does give them a hefty paycheck, so their lives are significantly more easy than they could have been.  I see areas in each of the teen mom’s lives that make their lives difficult.

Between the deadbeat fathers, the unstable parent-grandparent relationships, the drugs, the fighting, and the brothers/sisters with more than one dad, these children’s lives are made more difficult and sad than they ever needed to be.

It is incredibly disheartening to watch, and I wish I could just jump into the TV and talk some sense into these moms and dads!

If any of you watch Teen Mom OG, then you know that many people absolutely despise Farrah Abraham.  I don’t blame them; she can be rude, disrespectful, arrogant, and really just downright nasty.

My husband, who is mainly interested in “manly” genres of TV and movies, has actually taken a liking to the Teen Mom shows.

Farrah is hands-down his least favorite person, not just of the show, but in life in general.  I, on the other hand, see things in her that people miss because of the above personality characteristics that overshadow her positive qualities.

Every time my husband and I watch Teen Mom, we always get into a big debate about Farrah.  I just can’t help how I feel.  I tend to look past people’s negative qualities and try to see the good in them.  Farrah DOES have some good qualities that I do not see in the other “teen” moms (not-so-teen anymore) that I feel will help make her the most successful of all the teen moms once the show is over.

1.She is intelligent.  Of all the teen moms, I feel she is the most wise, and is trying to secure a bright future beyond Teen Mom for her and for her daughter.  Some of the other moms don’t work. Others are trying to start their own businesses (t-shirt company, real-estate, make-up, etc.).  Chelsea is a hair-stylist, which is great for her, but without the show, the job wouldn’t do much for her financially.  However, Farrah has taken up several businesses, and doesn’t seem to stop (I am going to casually ignore the porn stint…).  She has a knack for entrepreneurship.

She also seems to have a pretty darn good grasp of the business world, or she has a partner who helps with this part, which, if she does, is in itself smart.  Her businesses also look well decorated and well laid out (see picture below).  That kind of determination and drive is what makes her intelligent, and is what will make her successful well after the show ends.  Farrah has opened up a yogurt shop, a furniture store, a children’s boutique, and more recently- a line of “Mom and Me” products.  I would love to own just ONE business!

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2.She knows what she wants, and doesn’t waver.  I love it when people know exactly what they want, and they don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of that desire.  This is Farrah to a T.  I have to give it to her on this one-once she has her mind set, there is no stopping her.  This is evident in not only her wants and desires for her and for her kid, but also for her business ventures.

There were many episodes in which you can see Farrah dictating to her family and employees about characteristics/aspects of the business space.  She gave them direction and knew exactly how she wanted her business space laid out.  I absolutely envy this personality trait in people.  Successful people know exactly what they want and are persistent-like Farrah.

3.She speaks her mind (albeit sometimes very rudely and disrespectful).  It is clear that sometimes Farrah speaks her mind without turning on a filter or without thinking about how her words and tone of voice effect the person on the receiving end.

However, if she is feeling threatened in any way, wants something done differently, or just has simple requests, she does not hesitate whatsoever in letting those be known.  I loved how she confronted Dr. Dave about his lack of respect on their Florida trip.  She spoke up to let him know he was being rude (which he was!).

This is a quality that I have been lacking throughout my entire life.  I am slowly getting better, but I still wish I was more like Farrah and could say whatever I am thinking.  It would certainly make my life much, much easier and significantly less stressful.  Successful people speak their mind; they speak up for themselves in order to get what they want and need.

4.She doesn’t have men coming in and out of her and her daughter’s life.  Compare Farrah to Kailyn and Jenelle.  I am so thankful to Farrah for not getting pregnant three plus times and ending up a single mom to three children, each with a different father.  How unfair to the children and distracting/stressful to the mom.

I often ponder what it would have been like to have only been able to see my sister and brothers a couple days a week while I was growing up.  The thought made me incredibly sad.  I feel so terrible for Kailyn’s and Jenelle’s children and the fact that they don’t have a stable home life.

At least Farrah is wise and doesn’t sleep around (maybe she does; I don’t really know, but at least she protects herself) for the sake of her child.  She puts her child above men and she wants a man who will marry her and who will be with her and Sophia for the rest of their lives.

Once she does find a man, I am sure he will also be successful because that is the kind of man she is search of and needs.  She also won’t have to deal with the stress and the back and forth that comes with having an unstable dating/relationship life.

5.She oozes leadership, power, and confidence.  She is one woman who just looks like she is strong and capable.  She dresses professionally when she is at work, and she just looks like a woman who is in control, like one of those bosses you don’t want to piss off.

If she ever has a problem with an employee, per reasons #2 and #3 of this article, she lets it be known.  I remember one episode in which she wasn’t happy with an employee.  She sat the employee down and explained to her the issues she had with her (maybe not in the BEST way, but she still did it).  The employee ended up terminated, but Farrah looked and acted like a boss and did what she had to do for her business.  You can’t deny she looks like a powerful woman.  She walks with extreme confidence.  Confident people are optimistic and resilient-necessary qualities to be successful.

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6.She realizes she and her mom need help.  The fact that Farrah goes to counseling about not only her own issues, but also about the issues that her and her mom face is quite telling.  She KNOWS she and her mom need help.  So, she goes and makes sure she gets that help.

Her relationship with her mother is very unstable.  Her outbursts and anger are not only unstable, but also inappropriate and just rude. However,  I am proud of her for being aware of that and then for taking action.

Several of the other teen moms need help from a therapist as well, but they don’t seek it or don’t realize they even need it.  Jenelle, for example, should reach out to a counselor/therapist.  I have never seen, other than my mom’s side of the family, a more unstable household and mom-daughter relationship.

I do applaud Catelynn for seeking help from her therapist for her depression.  I hope she and Tyler continue to see their therapists, and I really hope that one day Farrah and her mom could spend time together without getting down eachother’s throats.

Getting help for herself will assist in improving Farrah’s attitude and demeanor towards others.  She could be incredibly successful once she finds a way to filter her thoughts and feelings.

While I know Farrah has several distasteful personality characteristics and has done some things that would not consider her a good role model, I do believe each of these qualities will likely launch Farrah into being the most successful of the “teen moms” who will have the brightest future long after Teen Mom ends.  Several of the other moms do posses some of these qualities, but not to the extent that Farrah does.  I wish I had her tenacity, ambition, dedication, and persistence!

NOTE* I last edited this post BEFORE Farrah thought it was a good idea to get back into porn in order to show off her rejuvenated vagina…whatever that means.  Very disappointed to hear this about her-not a good role model for her daughter.  At least this article wasn’t about why I like Farrah… I just think she will be more successful than the others.

Hopefully she gets out of this porn industry ASAP!

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