6 Confusing Fashion Trends

I usually am okay with the way most people dress; I try not to judge because I wouldn’t consider myself a fashion expert.  You can find me at home typically dressed in a black pair of yoga pants, a loose-fitting tank top, and slippers.  So, clearly, I am not one to consult on what to wear.

However, there are a few fashion trends that have become quite popular, for reasons unknown to me.  I have family members and friends who have sported one of these fashion trends at some point, and I just don’t get them.  Looking back through decades, there were styles unique to those years, but it seems like this decade is unique to so many different, odd styles.

1.The Man-Bun:

You look like a man.  You also look like a woman.  What is going on here!? This is so confusing!  Not to be shallow, but you really just kind of look like an ugly woman. If you cut your hair and wore it as short as most men do, you could look like a really sexy man.

Why do men even want that kind of responsibility? I hate having long hair that I need to brush every day; so why would a man purposefully have long hair!? There are many women who find the man bun sexy and attractive.  It’s just not for me.  Thank God my husband likes his hair as short as it can be without going bald!

2.The Long Beard:

My husband’s best friend has always shaved his face, up until a few months ago when he decided to grow out his facial hair.  He now looks like, I kid you not, a Civil War vet (love you David, but I am going to shave that thing when I get a chance).   He knows I feel this way; I tell him every time I see him.  Good sport just laughs.

I don’t like this look on any man; I have yet to see a man who looks good with a long beard.  The part that really irks me with this trend is that you cannot see the man’s face as a whole; a good chunk of his facial features are hidden behind that hair.  Many can be very attractive, but when part of their mouth and chin is hidden, it takes away from their attractive features.  When men shave their beards, they become so much better looking because we can see their face in its entirety!

3.The Pockets Hanging Out:

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I work at a university and I would say nearly 1 out of every 4 girls I walk by is sporting this fashion style.  The shorts are so short that you can see the pockets hanging below them.  We know you have pockets, so there is no need to show us. This is not a cool fashion trend; it just looks odd.  I am just perplexed by this trend.

Are the shorts made this way or do girls have to cut the shorts a bit to make it look that way? I haven’t seen shorts like these where I shop, so again, this confuses me.  What if I needed to put a tampon in my pocket? Or a pad? People would see them! I thought the point of a pocket was to conceal items? To be fair, I have yet to see a girl who wears these shorts have anything in her pockets.  Would it be weird, or even a crime, if I carried a scissors with me and cut the part of the pockets that are visible?

4.The Shorts Up to Stomach:

This strange trend seemed to have begun just a few short months ago.  I feel like sometimes we are stepping back into time, and girls want to be back in the 80s where they hiked their shorts up to very high and sometimes even just below their chest.  Such a strange fashion trend; shorts should be on the waist!

I see this style quite a bit at my campus as well.  Most of them just look silly.  I do admit, now that I look at the picture more closely, the woman in this picture is wearing them nicely.  I think they look good on her.  However, for the most part, this style just looks strange to me.

5.The Near Knee-Length High Socks with Shorts:

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I mostly see teenage boys and young adult men sporting this trend.  First, socks shouldn’t be worn with sandals; this is just a classic no-no.  Second, if you do wear high socks, wear pants to cover them.  Why wear shorts and then high socks? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being cooled down by wearing shorts?

6.The Jeans With Holes On Them:

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Some people are silly and pay upwards of $100 for a pair of these jeans with holes on them.  First, I don’t quite comprehend the look-I would be chilly in jeans with some skin hanging out.  Second, and even more important, I have a solution:  bring a full pair of jeans to me and I will personally cut some holes in them for you, at no charge.  It will achieve the same look while also not giving millions of dollars to companies just to cut some holes for you! It’s a win-win!

My twin sister wears these jeans quite often and whenever we are all visiting my parents, my dad always pokes fun at her and says just what I said above, “I would have cut the holes for you so you didn’t have to spend more money!” I just never quite got into that trend, and never will.  I like my jeans whole.

These fashion trends are so confusing.  I wonder what will come next?


2 thoughts on “6 Confusing Fashion Trends

  1. LOL, I have to laugh. I agree, there are some silly trends showing up lately. I do not understand the “man bun”. It is just too odd for me and not at all attractive! My hubs does keep a beard, a nice, short, clean cut beard. No man bush growing on his face! I would never spend the money on torn jeans and won’t for my daughters either… most of ours come from secondhand anyway. Pockets showing out of shorts!..Too short for me, Ain’t happening, no way!
    And the sock/sandal thing is a pet peeve of mine. It reminds me of a dad from the 70s/80s with the straps to hold up his socks running out to get the paper out of the drive in the morning….gross.

  2. haha. The man-bun is the main one that confuses me. It just looks horrible, no matter how handsome the man is! I won’t be buying my kids those kinds of jeans either when they get older. I don’t see the point in them. lol the sock/sandal does sound like a 70s/80s dad!!

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