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BulletProof Coffee With Butter? Amazing!

For a few months now, I have been dying to try Bulletproof’s coffee.  I have seen numerous Facebook ads and have read many comments, all of which give nothing but excellent reviews of this company.  In fact, many people have stated that this coffee brand is the BEST out there.  Others mention that it gives them energy, enhances their wakefulness and attention, improves their memory, aids in fat loss, etc.  They had me at fat loss!

I have to admit, I was skeptical and very hesitant to put butter in my coffee.  It sounded revolting, to be honest.  I once watched a weight loss show in which a coach told a client that putting butter into coffee is delicious AND good for us since it adds good fat into your body.  When I watched him put butter in his coffee, I thought, “Nasty! Why would anyone put butter in coffee!?”

But, with all of the positive reviews, I decided to give it a shot.  My Bulletproof coffee finally arrived in the mail yesterday! I couldn’t wait to try it the next day (today!).

So, I quickly pulled it out of my box and read the instructions on how to make it, because there is a specific way.

Apparently, in order for this coffee to taste as good as those say, you need to make it a certain way.  This is how you make their coffee:

1.Use 2.5 tablespoons per 8oz water.  The package states that you should use freshly boiled water-this makes it filtered.  Then you brew your coffee.
2.If you use one of their other products, Brain Octane Oil, a couple tablespoons of that should be added to the brew as well.  This is the stuff that is supposed to help improve your memory and intelligence.
3.Then, you take the brewed coffee and put it in a blender.  Add 1-2 tablespoons of pastured, unsalted butter.  Blend for 20-30 seconds until it turns frothy.

Pour in mug and enjoy!

Here is what my coffee looked like after I blended it (I have not yet purchased the Brain Octane Oil, so that wasn’t added in there, just the coffee and butter):

Looked frothy and delicious! I was hoping that the coffee would taste as good as it looked-and it did!
I took a sip and was pleasantly surprised.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE TASTE!! Honestly, I can agree with the reviews:  this coffee tastes the best I have ever tasted!  In addition to that, I was highly energized the entire morning.  In fact, I vacuumed my whole house and then carpet cleaned my kids’ rooms, then went for an almost two mile walk. I’d say it had me more energized than normal!

I was surprised at how good the coffee tasted.  It didn’t taste like butter; it tasted like a rich flavored coffee with foamy cream.  Very, very good! I actually drank it all at once, which proves it was good since I never drink my entire cup in one sitting!

The only other coffee that is comparable to this is Berres Brother’s Highlander Grogg with some half-half in it, but even then, the flavor this coffee has is so unique.

Bulletproof does sell Ghee, which is like butter, and they recommend using that to mix in with the coffee. Maybe I will try that later; however, for now, the coffee blended with butter is my new favorite home brewed coffee! So, SO, good!

Try it! Get yourself some Bulletproof coffee and make it the exact way that is prescribed.  It is delicious and the only way I drink my coffee now!

If you want to do it the right way to create the best flavor, get the starter kit which comes with the coffee grounds, Ghee, and Brain Octane Oil.

4 thoughts on “BulletProof Coffee With Butter? Amazing!

    1. They suggest using grassfed butter. I just went to Wal-Mart and bought, I believe it is called “Challenge Butter” and it grassfed. Yes creamer is not good for you! But a little should be okay.

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