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Death Wish Coffee Definitely Lives Up To Its Name

For months now, I have been dying to get my hands on some Death Wish Coffee.  Supposedly, this coffee is roasted in a particular way that gives it an incredibly strong, bold experience.   Of course I had try it at some point!

So, why Death Wish? What does it claim to do to coffee drinkers? Here is a page on their site in which they boast about their coffee’s effects.

Their tagline is that theirs is The World’s Strongest Coffee.

Incredibly strong coffee? Not bitter like many other brands? Completely natural? Boost in energy and overall mental performance? Yes, definitely sign me up!

I do have a Twitter account, and I have been following this company since I opened it up.  Every day, people are commenting on how much they love this coffee because it is the strongest they have ever had, and to their surprise- it still tastes smooth and delicious as opposed to being too bitter as most strong coffee tastes.

Therefore, my desire to try this coffee was significantly enhanced every darn day.  They made the desire so much worse when they posted pictures and funny coffee-related slogans.

I was holding back simply because I have tried other coffee companies that have claimed to be strong as well, so I was skeptical because I ended up not liking those coffee brands.

But, my husband got tired of me constantly nagging him that I desperately needed to try this coffee, so he just told me to go ahead and buy it so I could shut up.  🙂

About three days later, this past Friday (the beginning of my work-free weekend) it arrived at my doorstep.

For whatever reason, I needed to get my workout in first before I tried it.  I have many OCD’s, and one of them is that I need to be completely relaxed and stress-free when eating or drinking my coffee.

Also, since I believed everyone else’s experiences, I did not want to be super jittery for my workout.

After I finished my workout, I made it exactly how the package suggested:  2.5 tablespoons per 6 oz. of water.  This is critical so as to get the strongest effect and bold flavor.  Six ounces of water just doesn’t cut it though, so I made twice the amount: a cup and a half pot with 5 tablespoons of coffee-keeping it to ratio.

As it was brewing, I could smell how strong the coffee would taste.  It was a different smell than other coffee brands, that’s for sure.

I poured my coffee into a cup with cream, heaving whipping cream though because I was a complete fool and didn’t look at the cream that I was buying from Wal-Mart.  I typically buy regular half n half, so I was completely bummed that I didn’t realize I had purchased the wrong kind.  Oops!

Took one sip of the coffee and it was how everyone had described:  strong, but not bitter, and damn good!

I kept drinking it slowly.  About 20 minutes later, I had realized that I was feeling unusually hyper and started to wonder was why.  Duh: The World’s Strongest Coffee!

I looked into my cup, and saw that I only drank about half of my coffee!

It was only half a cup that I needed to feel that jolt that I usually get in two to three cups! I didn’t want to drink any more for fear of feeling the jitters; a feeling that I loathe.

I am excited to try this coffee, though, when I really need it-on my way to work.  On Monday, this will be the first thing that I do in the morning-make my cup of The World’s Strongest Coffee!  To feel energized and to have a more focused mind for the work day is going to be a wonderful feeling!

If you haven’t yet, buy a package of Death Wish Coffee.  If you are like me and need a couple cups of coffee to get yourself pumped for the day, then you will LOVE this brand because, and I am completely serious when I say this, you will only need a half cup to a cup to get that same reaction!



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