What Could Possibly Go Wrong On My Cruise? Everything!!

Psychologists believe that one of the best ways to reduce your stress and anxiety is to write your anxious thoughts on paper to “get them out of your system”.  You’re supposed to do this before bed so you can sleep better, without all these thoughts running through your head.  So, I am going to try that on my blog today (not before bed, though).

If you read my most recent article on my favorite vacation, then you know I am going on a weeklong Caribbean cruise in December.  I will be traveling to a few exotic places via this cruise with my husband, my twin sister, and my parents.

I have never been on a cruise, nor have I had the desire to vacation on one.  But, where my family goes, I go! Therefore, while I am ecstatic, I have such high anxiety over it! I blame my anxiety entirely on the news and on my best friend.

I keep hearing in the news (and my best friend so kindly shares these stories with me on Facebook) of horrible things occurring on cruises, such as the ship nearly being overtaken by pirates, murders, people mysteriously disappearing, shipwide diarrhea, etc.

So, naturally, I read these and expect the worst for my upcoming cruise.  I have so many strange thoughts on what could possibly go wrong in December.  I chose to follow psychologists’ advice and wrote them down here:

1.Husband and I get into a fight.  He tosses me overboard.

2.Husband and I get into a fight.  I toss him overboard.

3.Ship runs into an iceberg that’s not supposed to be there.

4.Pirates overtake the ship and I will never go back home.

5.I get too drunk, stumble, and fall into the ocean, directly into a shark’s mouth.

6.We hit some bad weather and end up straight in the path of a horrible storm that ends up tipping the ship over onto its side.

7.I’m relaxing and enjoying the heat of the hot tub when the ship hits a large wave, sending the water and me overboard and into the ocean.

8.We enjoy a relaxing dinner with excellent food.  The next day we all take turns having explosive diarrhea in the bathrooms.

9.One or both of my parents cheat on the other.

10.My sister gets drunk, has a one night stand, and ends up pregnant.

12.While scubadiving, I get eaten by a great white shark.

13.While hangliding, something goes wrong and I fly straight into a wall. Splat. Like a bug.

14.While perusing St. Maarten’s island, I get so preoccupied with checking out the shops and cafés that I forget to get back to the ship and it departs without me.

15.The ship just starts sinking, with no exact cause.

I know I’m crazy! But all of these could legitimately happen.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, please comment and tell me all of the GOOD things you experienced.  Send me some positive vibes people; it will be greatly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong On My Cruise? Everything!!

  1. I have been on five cruises and none of these things have even come close to happening. Most of the time we have been so busy with things on the ship that we almost forget we are even on a ship. The size is so immense! The railings are super high, you would have to purposely climb over (and even that is difficult) to fall overboard, but you’ll be so busy you won’t have time to even think about it.

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